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Der fmks bedankt sich für folgende Zuschrift einer Afrikanerin:

"Children are programmed to assimilate as much of language as possible. It does not matter how many! The more the child is exposed to various languages, the more the child learns.
Having grown up in a country with 41 different languages, it was automatic to learn and also to function in as many as possible! This depended very much on my neighbors and the languages they spoke.
I cannot tell you of a day in my childhood that I remember being stressed out because I had to learn to speak, listen, understand or even read in a language. It came so natural to my peers and I.
When we visited our friends to play, we communicated in Swahili which happens to be the regional language in East Africa, we talked to the parents in their particular language and in school we learnt all in English. As a child I learnt as many languages as I had friends.
Today I speak and interchange languages without even thinking about it. Bilingual is the way to go. Utilizing the language learning window in young children, pays out in the long run! It prepares them for the whole world; it helps children develop respect and understanding of other cultures. It is only when we give our children this edge that we will truly become the United Nations. (And this is in my view, is only one advantage. There are many more).
Having worked for over 15 years in the interna­tional early childhood sector and having observed as well as experienced how fast children learn language,syntax grammar usage with so much ease, I feel bilingual education should not be a previledge but a right for every child.
The world is becoming a village and I believe we should prepare the future generations for it. Children have no prejudice, they are taught.
I applaud the effort by fmks to promote bilingual education In Germany."


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